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Your Look, Your World – Unique Homewares, Jewellery and Accessories from Indi and The Wolf

Bohemian style has never looked so chic with unique homewares from Indi and The Wolf. Free spirits with a taste for the eclectic know to shop here for a range of original treasures from both local and international designers.

Create a boho abode.

You’ll pick up plenty of talking-pieces for your home from the bazaar that is Indi and The Wolf. If you like the kind that’s one-of-a-kind, we kinda think you’ll like our kind! Indi and The Wolf helps you to style your home with a unique range of homewares and décor that whispers, rather than shouts, bohemian style.

Like your look a little bit chic, a little bit gypsy?

So do we and we’ve had loads of fun finding beautifully-made pieces to honour your style. Start with a headdress, grab a necklace or two, throw on a few rings, mix it up with some bracelets and complete your look with some boho boots and you’re good to go wherever your mood takes you.

Free spirits, come worship at the temple of Indi and The Wolf. Unique homewares, jewellery and accessories for the gypsy in you!